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Event descriptions

Design Day

Please see the page for Design Days.

Game Day

Design Days hosts the occasional Game Day event.

The intent of this event is to have fun and play some games so feel free to bring whatever games you want and whatever people you want! I plan to bring some of my deckbuilders I haven’t played enough, but will absolutely be down to join whatever games are happening. I will still do my best to do my typical group-matching/timing dealio, but it may be more difficult since we probably want to play all these games to completion. ~ Trevor

Iron Designer Challenge

Iron Designer Challenge is a series of activities in which designers compete to be deemed the Iron Designer/s for the year (which is mostly bragging rights). You can enter as either solo or pairs. Imagine Chopped or Forged in Fire but for tabletop games. It’s a great time and it only requires you to bring yourself! All components and materials are provided. ~ Trevor

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