I’ve been really digging the NFT (non-fungible token) space and have a couple of new and exciting projects happening on the eco-friendly WAX blockchain, including Game Elements, Bolster Leadership, ArtistWocken, and YoshiDrops!


I wanted to share my fine art collection of NFTs that I’ve been working on under the collection artistwocken!

It’s going to start with Port Oasis, a sci-fi western setting that I created back at Minneapolis College of Art & Design while I was getting my BFA in Illustration. It’s a series of large scale paintings that I created with acrylic and a variety of mixed media. The “small” painting were 48″ x 72″ (121.92 x 182.88 cm) and the large one that I painted for my senior project was 96″ x 144″ (243.84 x 365.76 cm).


The initial NFTs are all minted on WAX, because I love how eco-friendly it is, and it’s where I feel the most comfortable. Plus, you can add WAY more to NFTs (such as number of images) on WAX than pretty much any other blockchain that I’ve looked at.

Collector’s Edition – 42 mints
Second Edition – 999 mints

ETH (Ethereum)

I’ll also be minting some 1-of-1s on ETH, probably OpenSea, that will also come with a WAX version and a vIRL, where they can be redeemed for the actual full sized paintings! I’m still figuring out the ETH ecosystem, so that’s why I haven’t minted these ones yet.


I also plan on creating some collection crossovers between artistwocken and Game Elements, so look for me to team up with myself and have some sci-fi western Game Elements coming out later this year.

Game Elements

I created Game Elements as a way of collecting classic board game elements in a new way… through NFTs! Currently this project is in the minimum viable product (MVP) stage. I’m figuring out how I want to create and blend NFTs in a cool and fun way that’s a bit more gamified.

All NFTs for Game Elements are currently minted on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain. It’s the same place that game companies such as Funko, Hasbro, Mattel, and a number of other game companies mint their NFTs.

Discord [LINK] is where I’m building my community for Game Elements, so please join, and get the latest news and updates on this project.

Here’s how it works:

BUY BOXES of colorful wooden meeples, with a 10% chance of a metal meeple on NeftyBlocks [LINK]

OPEN BOXES open your boxes of 10x wooden meeples on NeftyBlocks. [LINK] There will be additional components coming soon!

UPGRADE if you want more metal meeples, you can blend 5 wooden meeples of the same color for one metal meeple of the same color. [LINK]


SHORT TERM – MVP I’m all about iterating quickly and experimentation, so this minimum viable product (MVP) stage is about figuring out how to best use NeftyBlocks as a cool place to mix-and-match NFTs and make them have more utility than just looking cool.

MID TERM I will be reaching out to various board game artists and graphic designers that I’ve worked with over the years. I want them to create their own upgraded components (such as custom meeples) that they can make look awesome in their own unique styles. If you’ve got a game artist that you’d like to see design their own components, please add them to the suggestions thread. I also plan on making a bunch of other Game Essentials (basic gaming components) with an eye at how to upgrade them in cool and fun ways. I plan on doing a series of hexagon tiles with the basics, a deck of cards, and lots of other NFTs.

LONG TERM I envision this project making the NFTs not just collectibles, but also functional. I plan on reaching out to board game software, and see if I can have wallets connect up to the games, that way you can play with your NFT and have more pimped out versions of the games. I will be reaching out to board/card game designers and having them create their own games out of all the game components. I would then create custom components, just like I do for all the board and card games that I do graphic design on, so you can play new games that you own digitally!

My goal for this project is to not only make fun digital collectables that you can play with, but help people understand blockchain. I know that NFTs were my ah-ha moment, for what the heck a blockchain even was. I chose to mint and sell on the WAX blockchain [], because it’s carbon neutral, and cheap and easy to onboard new users.