Board & Card Games

I have worked on a number of board and card game over the years. Typically I do end-to-end graphics, meaning I’m sketching up card layouts, logos, icons, and ideas. After sketches are approved, I move onto the computer and start to create the templates that will be used on cards, rulebooks, or any other visual elements that aren’t the illustrations.

I help take your playtested game and collaborate with you, creating the graphics that will give flesh to your prototype and get all the components ready for the printer. Since I am familiar with the entire game making process, I can also drop into your game at any point and help get it on track so you’re not blowing through your deadlines.

Please look through the assortment of games that I’ve worked on (below). I’ve listed the tasks that I worked on for each game to give you a better feel of what I bring to the table.

Have a fun day!



Game-Buttons-dead-of-winter  game-buttons-dow-the-long-night Game-Buttons-xia      Game-Buttons-cold-war  Game-Buttons-legacy  Game-Buttons-city-of-remnants  Game-Buttons-anomia  Game-Buttons-vault-wars   Game-Buttons-bioshock-infinite  Game-Buttons-march-of-the-ants  Game-Buttons-council-of-verona-2nd-ed  Game-Buttons-lagoon  Game-Buttons-epic-resort   game-buttons-crowns-and-axes  Game-Buttons-nautilus-industries      Game-Buttons-tides-of-infamy  Game-Buttons-dodecca    Game-Buttons-vghs    Game-Buttons-gearworld    Game-Buttons-bid-bluff-buy  Game-Buttons-bbtm-foul-play  Game-Buttons-clash-fighter    Game-Buttons-king-of-clubs  Game-Buttons-legacy-forbidden-machines Game-Buttons-mom-forbidden-alchemy     Game-Buttons-nexus-ops  Game-Buttons-rockband-manager