Twin Cities Boardgame Design

A website for boardgame design resources in and around the Twin Cities, Minnesota.


When not meeting in person at a local conference or design day, you can find local board game designers hanging out in several online venues.

Split Perspective Studios Discord

This discord has been quite active, and hosts discussions about upcoming events, organizing playtests, industry opportunities, and just game design more generally.

You should be able to join with this link.

IGDA Twin Cities Discord

The IGDA Twin Cities chapter has a Discord that is fairly active, and hosts a number of channels for locally developed games (several of which are board games). If you do not want to maintain your own Discord instance you can request your own channel there.

They have a general #tabletop channel as well.

MSP GameDev Slack

If you prefer Slack to Discord, the MSPGameDev Slack instance also has a #board-games channel.

Gray Duck Lodge

A facebook group called Gray Duck Lodge exists for discussion on that platform. They do occasionally coordinate events. You must apply for membership there.

Any we missed?

If you would like your online community listed here (and it has a significant amount of game design discussion), please get in touch!

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